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Art as Subject

Having curated exhibitions, promoted artists, run galleries, launched arts initiatives, and organized craft markets, naturally, art and artists are a favorite subject for film making. Projects range from a curatorial research project to video portraits with plenty of documentation in between.

Courtney Rile VJing for Symphor!a


Collaborations with composers, conductors, and musicians to create visuals for an audiovisual experience. A deep-rooted love for sound, an appreciation for new music, and the influence of MTV has led to a series of original works intended for live performance and screenings.

Courtney Rile is an artist and media maker based in Syracuse, NY. Rile looks with her camera at each environment she encounters to explore the ways in which people are shaped by their surroundings. Likewise, she is drawn to explore the ways in which people perceive their environments and how artists translate this perception into a new form. Each of these interests becomes the trilogy of themes within Rile’s work- Legacy of Place, AudioVisual, and Art As Subject.